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    iLux Magic Cosmetic Pouch

    The Magic Cosmetic Pouch is a true game-changer when it comes to makeup bags!


    The unique design eliminates all your makeup frustrations. Digging through layers and layers of old makeup to find that one mascara you can never find certainly gets tedious! Or not being able to even close the zipper on your makeup bag because it's too full. Everyone has been there.

    ✔ EASILY FIND WHAT YOU NEED - Digging through the constant clutter of your makeup bag is a thing of the past. Magic Cosmetic Pouch spreads out completely flat allowing you to find what you need. When you need it. 

    ✔ PACK UP INSTANTLY - Packing up all your products is no longer a chore. Just place everything on the open makeup bag, and pull the strings to close. It really is that simple. 

    ✔ EFFORTLESS CLEANING - We've all been there, you get a new makeup bag and within 2 days it looks 2 years old. Magic Cosmetic Pouch Unique fabric means minimal to no cleaning is needed!

    ✔ PERFECT ON THE GO - Makeup and traveling can be frustrating. But Magic Cosmetic Pouch not only saves time, but is made from shock and waterproof material which protects your expensive makeup.