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    Vividy™ Magical Water Painting Pen


    • Prepare a ceramic spoon and wipe it clean.
    • Use our Magical Water Painting Pen to draw anything you want on the spoon and wait 3-5 seconds.
    • Put the spoon into the water, the pattern will float on the water.

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    Children’s favorite hands-on part!!!

    Use this magic pen to draw on the spoon. When encountering water, the drawn animals will float on their own, which is very fun!!!


    🎁Magical design: This cool artistic pen provides a water-based design which makes it highly-insoluble in any form of liquid. Allowing any writings, drawings and other outlines that you create to magically float and dance around on water

    🎁Wide Application: Great for creating cute, Simply create some pattern on your bowls or spoons that’s made of ceramic or glass, pour some water on your drawing and watch it come alive in just a blink! Ideal for kids, students, professors, artists, and more possibilities.

    🎁Great Entertainment: The magical pen does not only make vibrant sketches, but it also helps them to think creatively and conceptualise ideas. What’s more? It is suitable for all ages. You can try it out with your kids, families or friends and enjoy creating beautiful artwork pieces together  

    🎁Premium Material: Made of  special water-based material  to let it float on liquids. It is completely non-toxic and offers a low odor formula to ensure the user’s safety.