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    Pure Magical Treatment

    Turn your dry, damaged and lifeless hair into shiny and soft hair in just 5 seconds!

    The Keratin Hair Mask is a repair therapy for lifeless, weak or damaged hair. Thanks to its composition of the best ingredients, it is able to restore shinestrengthen hair and improve it's beauty. It quickly and easily makes weak, thin, dull hair as beautiful as it has never looked before.

    This hair treatment is specially formulated to repair damaged hair and restore its natural elasticity. It contains a unique blend of keratin, argan oil, and vitamin E to nourish and repair damaged hair, leaving it softshiny, and full of life. The result is beautiful, well-nourished and healthy-looking hair that looks and feels incredibly soft and silky smooth.

    This is the ultimate hair repair treatment for all hair types and is also perfect for those with color-treated hair. This unique Nutrition Infusing Masque repairs and restores any type of hair and hair damage due to the molecular technology it uses. for 5 seconds. hair damage restore soft hair and treat your scalp.

    The combination of the 100% natural ingredients in this treatment will leave your hair looking and feeling healthy and beautiful. You can also use this treatment as a hair mask to protect your hair from heat damage.

    You can use it on all types of hair, including chemically treated, permed and relaxed.

    The Keratin Hair Treatment Mask is highly effective and after 5 seconds of treatment, your hair will feel soft again. 

    How to use:

    After washing your hair, apply the Keratin Hair Treatment to your hair. 
    Do not apply to the scalp. Massage your hair with your fingertips to help your hair absorb the nutrients faster.
    It is recommended to get the best results to massage your hair for 2-5 minutes.

    Please note: Due to the enormous demand, the stock is very limited.