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    Tired of cleaning after your dog's muddy paws? Fully clean muddy paws in seconds using the DOG PAW CLEANER. No more dirty floors, carpets, and surfaces. Keep your living space cleaner with less than a minute of work.These silicone dog paw cleaners are perfect for cleaning your dog's feet.
    PAW Cleaner - easy to use

    Quick & Easy to Use

    Add a little water and simply insert the muddy dirty paw inside the cup. Move cup up and down or rotate for the best results. Pat and wipe paw dry and then repeat with other paws.

    bristle - On The Go

    Soft and Gentle Material

    Gentle soft silicone bristles that will not leave your dog sore, Itchy or feel any discomfort. Silicone bristles are strong enough to safely remove mud, sand, dirt, ice and even removes harmful bacteria & chemicals.

    Paw cleaner - Easy to clean

    Easy to clean

    With the detachable design, the Paw cleaner is easy to clean. Brushes are easier to be removed for rinsing and assembly. Besides, being equipped with a lanyard, the paw cleaner can be conveniently stored and taken out.

    Portable design - Easy Clean Design

    Portable Design

    With its convenient design, the Paw Cleaner is small and lightweight. Just carry the Paw Cleaner with you and keep your pet tidy, even on the go.


    Did you know that over 2 million people each year get sick from bacteria that was present on their dog's paws?

    However! With PawsPaws

    Now, your best friend can have all the outdoor fun it wants, without tracking harmful bacteria into your home or vehicle.