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    iLux™ Intelligent Laser Level

    Makes leveling, aligning, and squaring easier than ever.

    - iLux™ Intelligent Laser Level is a 4 plane self-leveling 360° cross line laser level with bright green beams that provide increased visibility in bright light job sites.

    - With superior laser accuracy that exceeds that of the naked eye and bubble level (±1/16in at 30 ft) and self-leveling on many surfaces, the laser is highly versatile for precise tasks.

    - While also being durable with an IP54 rating for increased protection against dust, moisture, and drops.

    - Your perfect companion to virtually any project: to line up, level, align, square, and plumb with four 360° laser planes.

    Intice lasers comparison to spirit level.

    Finish your projects in half the time.

    Gone are the days of spirit levels, chalk lines, and plumb bobs that are a pain to hold, time-consuming, and often require two people just to get accurate alignments. 

    Through a little innovation and creativity, iLux™ Intelligent Laser Level was born and leveling has never been the same. It is a bright, durable, and compact, rechargeable laser level kit that is designed to help you effortlessly level, align, and square with pinpoint accuracy in seconds; allowing you to complete projects in a fraction of the time.       

    Gif of Intice Intelligent Laser Level in use.

    Consistently accurate laser leveling.

    iLux™ Intelligent Laser Level automatically self-levels ±1/16in at 30ft, cutting out all the guesswork. 

    When you need a diagonal line, simply lock the pendulum and position the laser line at any angle desired. Perfect for building staircases or positioning décor along them. 

    Different laser planes.

    Designed for all tradespersons.

    This tool features 4 360-degree beams that provide versatility and are a big asset for:

    •Carpentry: Level and set cabinets and counter tops. Install trim and millwork

    •Stair layout; level and plumb decks; plumb framing and partition walls; plumb window and door frames.

    •Concrete: set forms and footings.

    •Electrical: Level electrical outlets; transfer lighting layout from floor to ceiling.

    •Plumbing: Layout piping, sewer lines, drainage and feed lines; transfer sprinkler system layout from floor to ceiling.

    Bright green lasers optimized for distance.

    When working during the day, ambient daylight has a way of blurring laser lines, making them more difficult to see and work with.

    With this lasers' German-engineered green diodes, visibility is 3x greater than red lasers, allowing you to work outside. This also gives the tool a working range of up to 160 ft.

    Intice Intelligent Laser Level in tile project.

    Batteries that last until you're finished.

    Nothing is worse than your battery dying halfway through a project when you need your tool the most.

    We know that dreadful feeling so with iLux™ Intelligent laser levels you are able to work for up to 10 hours on a single charge with its USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery. 

    Laser level mount options.

    Setup is quick and simple.

    Not only is usage essentially plug and play, but the laser level comes with numerous mounting options to make setup easy and functional in any environment, including a rare-earth magnetic rotatable wall mount, a micro-control floor lift, or an optional tripod.

    Laser level's durability.

    Tested tough against water & drops.

    In case you want your model to last ages, this extremely durable tool will do just that. That is, because, it has a durable plastic and rugged rubber body which can take wear and tear without breaking a sweat. This model has IP54 resistance.

    Intice laser level full kit.

    What's in the carrying case?

    Everything you need to get set up in seconds

    ✔️ iLux™ Intelligent Laser Level
    ✔️ Lifting Platform
    ✔️ Magnetic Rotating Wall Bracket
    ✔️ Remote Control
    ✔️ Lithium-ion Battery
    ✔️ Wall Plate
    ✔️ 1/4" Thread Mount
    ✔️ 5/8" Thread Mount
    ✔️ Power Charger


    Laser Wavelength: 505-660 nm
    Laser Class:
     Class II [Output Power <1 mW]
    Laser Color: Green
    Accuracy: ±1/16in / 30ft (±2mm / 10m) 
    Leveling Range: ±3°
    Working Distance: 165 ft. (66 m) 
    Remote Range: 60 ft (~18m)
    Power Source: Lithium-Ion Battery (Included)
    Operating Time: ±10 Hours
    Tripod Mount Size: 1/4 in & 5/8 in. 
    Operating Temperature: 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
    Power supply: 12V 2.0 Ah
    Leveling types: Self-leveling and oblique leveling
    IP Rating: IP54 waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof